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What is the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast? 

Vancouver Realtors Adam and Matt Scalena founded the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast in 2016 to fill a glaring void in the world of Vancouver Real Estate. There were no outlets that produced in-depth analysis & up-to-date information that kept people on top of our ever-changing real estate markets.

The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast has since released an episode once a week (fifty-two episodes each year!) that not only features discussions with key thought leaders in the industry, including developers, economists, urban planners, politicians & real estate investors, but also ongoing up-to-date analysis from Vancouver Realtors Adam & Matt Scalena. This is your one-stop real estate shop!  Listen Now >>

What can you expect from the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast? 

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Our Latest Video Interviews

Our Latest Real Estate Podcasts

What the Spanish Flu Can Teach Us About the COVID-19 Pandemic with NY Times’ Best-Selling Author John M. Barry

The COVID-19 pandemic is unchartered territory. Or is it? New York Times’ Best-Selling Author and Historian, John M. Barry, sits down with Adam & Matt to discuss the last global pandemic’s terror on humanity and how the Spanish Flu can…

Fixed? Variable? Or Should I Just Defer My Mortgage? with Ray Macklem

Emergency rate cuts, bond yields plummeting, economies around the world screeching to a halt, yet mortgage rates are on the rise?! Top Mortgage Broker and Owner of The Mortgage Hub, Ray Macklem, joins Adam & Matt for an in-depth strategy…

Will Vancouver Real Estate Prices Fall Because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? with Moody’s Analytics’ Economist Brendan LaCerda

Looking for an outsider’s perspective? Moody’s Analytics is an international company that helps the global financial elite make sound economic decisions. Past guest Brendan LaCerda, Associate Director and Chief Economist, joins Adam & Matt and discusses the rapid spread of…

Canadian Debt Levels & Vancouver Real Estate During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Crisis with Maclean’s Peter Shawn Taylor

Canadians’ debt to income levels have soared since the economic crisis of 2008. But does that mean the Canadian economy is in deep trouble heading into the COVID-19 economic recession? Maybe not. Maclean’s Peter Shawn Taylor sits down with Adam…


Super informative & a fun listen!

Started listening to the VREP this summer as my partner and I were looking to buy a home. I learned SO MUCH about buying a home and the Vancouver real estate market. We actually just closed on a home last week, thanks in part to all the info from this show. I love the info and how it's delivered in a really digestible way. Would encourage the hosts to do more general interest shows based off their own knowledge/research and not always reach to find guests. Not all the guests are super relevant (IMHO) and I would prefer just to hear the guys share their knowledge. My favorite episodes are when the guys give tips or insights into buying, selling, etc. Keep up the awesome work!

Riana Autumn

Super educational, Highly Suggest

Very impressed by the guys' ability to be informative and entertaining in a solid amount of time. Highly suggest this!

Kristo D

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