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What is the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast? 

Vancouver Realtors Adam and Matt Scalena founded the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast in 2016 to fill a glaring void in the world of Vancouver Real Estate. There were no outlets that produced in-depth analysis & up-to-date information that kept people on top of our ever-changing real estate markets.

The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast has since released an episode once a week (fifty-two episodes each year!) that not only features discussions with key thought leaders in the industry, including developers, economists, urban planners, politicians & real estate investors, but also ongoing up-to-date analysis from Vancouver Realtors Adam & Matt Scalena. This is your one-stop real estate shop!  Listen Now >>

What can you expect from the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast? 

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Our Latest Real Estate Podcasts

How to Become an Investorpreneur with Peter Leung

This week Cory and Adam are joined by the Investorpreneur himself Peter Leung who has amassed an international real estate portfolio in cities such as London, Vancouver and Hong Kong. Peter provides his insight on how investors can get started in commercial real estate, how commercial offers greater opportunities for investors that require funding than…

ZERO TO KOKOMO: Mortgage Hacking Your Way to Financial Freedom Using the Smith Maneuver with Robinson Smith & Kyle Green

Many homeowners strive to pay down their mortgage as the first step to financial freedom but what if that was absolutely wrong? Forgot the warm & fuzzy feeling that freedom from mortgage debt promises and think logical paths to true financial freedom. Robinson Smith and Kyle Green sit down with Adam and Matt to discuss…

How Big Data Should Inform Your Biggest Investment Decisions with Raymond Wong

So many commercial real estate deals happen off the MLS. So, where do investors go for detailed market data and what can it tell us? Raymond Wong from Altus Group sits down with Cory & Matt to detail why Altus is a one stop shop when it comes to data and research in the world…

Where the Smart Money’s Buying with Justin Smith

Past Guest and Fan Favorite™ Justin Smith last joined us on the show in 2018 and it’s safe to say a lot has changed since then. The President of Hawkeye Wealth sits down with Adam & Matt to survey the post-Covid investment landscape & his prognosis may surprise you. Where should you buy when most asset…

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Super informative & a fun listen!

Started listening to the VREP this summer as my partner and I were looking to buy a home. I learned SO MUCH about buying a home and the Vancouver real estate market. We actually just closed on a home last week, thanks in part to all the info from this show. I love the info and how it’s delivered in a really digestible way. Would encourage the hosts to do more general interest shows based off their own knowledge/research and not always reach to find guests. Not all the guests are super relevant (IMHO) and I would prefer just to hear the guys share their knowledge. My favorite episodes are when the guys give tips or insights into buying, selling, etc. Keep up the awesome work!

Riana Autumn

Super educational, Highly Suggest

Very impressed by the guys’ ability to be informative and entertaining in a solid amount of time. Highly suggest this!

Kristo D

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