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5 Apps Every Real Estate Investor Needs

5 Apps Every Real Estate Investor Needs

To be honest, you probably don’t need another reason to be on your phone. We already live on our phones and, as we’ve discussed on the podcast many times, the best way to look for real estate is to pound the pavement.

Yes, that sounds like a lot of work. But investing in real estate is A LOT of work. You need to see places, get a feel for neighbourhoods, judge the condition of a house or apartment, absorb a view, probe an agent for a seller’s motivation. Photos, videos, virtual tours, and all other marketing materials are helpful but they can never provide the whole story.

But, we get it – the real estate search almost always begins online. According to a joint study by The National Association of REALTORS and Google published earlier this year, almost half of the people surveyed started their search for a home online and 95% said they used websites throughout their search as a main resource.

As millennials become the next biggest buying cohort, clearly this number is only going to increase dramatically.

What’s the best app for searching Vancouver Real Estate Listings?

If you listen to Vancouver Real Estate Podcast, you already know that the absolute best way for searching Vancouver Real Estate Listings is by using Private Client Services (PCS). This FREE listing management software gives you REALTOR-LEVEL information, including sold prices, days on market, and is updated 36 to 72 hours before the public version of MLS. PCS is also way more user-friendly than other online search tools.


What are the best iPhone and Android Apps for real estate enthusiasts or investors alike?

1) Houzz

Unleash your interior designer with Houzz, a database of over 14 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors. Navigate photos and advice by home style or by room and save and share with friends, family or other users. You can also chat with or hire over 1 million trade professionals, including Scalena Real Estate.

During my first home renovation, I used Houzz religiously to visualize the finished product and make sure my choices were on market trend and ahead of the curve. I continue to use the app to get ideas for reno projects and to provide examples of materials or styles to clients and to trades.

2) DealCheck

Simply put, DealCheck is a quick way for investors to analyze and compare multi-family or commercial investment properties.

Thinking of a flip? Looking for a great cap rate? Plug in the numbers and let DealCheck crunch the numbers for you. It will even produce an impressive report for your records or for clients.

3) Magic Plan by Sensopia

Whether you are spatially-gifted or not, MagicPlan will be a helpful resource in the planning stage of renovating or furnishing a space. MagicPlan creates floor plans just by taking photos. Use this app to generate renovation estimates, view your space in 3D, plan the most efficient layouts, or furnish your home.

This app is also perfect for visualizing your next project and sharing with your architect, realtor and interior designer.

4) Dropbox

If you are constantly looking for the next best deal or in the midst of a project already, there will be a long paper trail following you – think open house feature sheets, rental projections, floor plans, notes to self, sketches, deposits or payments, receipts, titles, strata docs, and contracts.

It’s imperative that you stay organized and keep records and few apps compare to Dropbox. Use the built-in photo scanner to upload every important document to a project folder that lives in the cloud – accessible always at a moment’s notice and easy to share or collaborate with your team.

We use Dropbox for everything but especially for real estate searchings and projects.

If you prefer to be off the cloud but still want to keep excellent records, an honourable mention goes to the app Turboscan.

5) Padmapper

Buying a revenue property? PadMapper has over 1 million rental listings each month and is a great resource for determining rental values in a specific location. Whether you are setting up a long-term rental, short-term, or airbnb, PadMapper has you covered. It’s user-friendly, provides rental averages, and can help you find a tenant.



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