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Sustainable Home Design: 5 Key Tips for Selling an Eco-Friendly Home

By Will Sandford

As our environmental awareness increases and sustainable technologies improve, “green” homes will soon become a norm in homeownership and home building. As a matter of fact, green building is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and more and more people want to live in an eco-friendly house! So, if your green home is still sitting on the market, it means you’re doing something wrong in your advertisement or presentation. To properly convey the value and benefits of your property and attract buyers, here are five key tips you have to follow.

Advertise well

The same green house can attract a variety of different buyers for a variety of different reasons. Some are interested in financial benefits of sustainable design and energy- and water-saving features, while others are motivated by environmental effect their prospective new home has on greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and sourcing of materials. Some buyers opt for green homes simply because they are better for their well-being and they will not have to do the upgrades themselves. So, make sure to advertise for all three groups of people to attract the biggest number of potential buyers.

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List all the environmental effects

Emotions play a crucial role in the selling and purchasing process, but fortunately, green homes have a strong ethical side that many buyers simply can’t ignore. An eco-friendly home made of sustainable materials and filled with energy- and water-saving features will have a much smaller impact on our environment. This will give the homeowners the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping the planet. Green homes can make people instantly feel good about their new home and themselves which is a great sales technique. So, try to highlight the meaningful role they will have in environmental preservation and betterment of the society if they opt for a sustainable property such as yours. Many homeowners are willing to pay a bit more to show their support for the green cause.

Highlight all the health factors

Buyers who concentrate on their own health and well-being will be excited to hear all the health benefits living in a green house can have. The materials used in eco-friendly building usually result in lower indoor air pollution. Low- or zero-VOC paint, natural lighting and fabrics can all boost the health of green home inhabitants.

Don’t forget about the financial benefits

Green homes are usually very energy- and water-conserving which comes down to a lower utility bill every month. For example, using Trojan Deep-Cycle battery for solar applications will save you money in the long run. Additionally, you can even sell some of your excess electricity to power companies and earn money. People who are interested in the financial side of green homes will not be able to resist these benefits.

Find a good real estate agent

Investing in eco-friendly upgrades isn’t exactly a cheap enterprise. Energy Star appliances, double glazed windows and solar panel systems can all cost some serious money in the beginning. So, make sure your real estate agent understands and appreciates all the advantages of green homes and knows how to make them stand out on the market. However, since green homes are super popular today, there are real estate agents who already have plenty of experience selling eco-friendly properties. If your agent happens to be new to green home marketing, ensure they understand all the advantages eco-friendly homes bring. This will help them be more effective during marketing and attract potential buyers.

Even though green homes have a variety of benefits and they’ve been present on the market for quite some time now, not everyone is rushing to buy an eco-friendly home. So, try to analyze the buyer and highlight the benefits you think will hook them, whether it’s the financial, environmental or health aspect. With proper marketing and an experienced realtor, your green home will certainly attract the right clientele and reach a great price.

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