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6 Effective Tricks that Will Help You Sell Your Home

By Lana Hawkins

The competitive atmosphere on the real estate market requires you to do everything you can to style up your property in order to appeal to top-tier buyers. Otherwise, you may find yourself trying to sell your home for months or even years. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that will help you design a home that everyone will want, providing you with a high return on your investment.

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1.    Boost your curb appeal

Although not the crucial one, the first impression always sticks around, affecting the desirability of your property. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to make sure that your prospective buyers are charmed as soon as they see your property. The curb appeal of your home should be appropriate for the current season, but there are several general tips that you should implement. Firstly, your façade should be spotless, which means no scratches, stains or peeling paint. You should also give your front door an uplift since it’s the focal point of your home’s exterior. You can either repaint it and install new hardware or install new one made of wood or stainless steel. Finally, make sure that your lawn is mowed and your trees and bushes trimmed – this will give your home clean, neat appeal.

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2.    Create a fresh, open and airy atmosphere

Your home should feature a functional layout with a fresh and airy atmosphere, especially on the open house day. This means that you should remove clutter and clean your home from top to bottom, not skipping a corner. If necessary, you should also rearrange your furniture to create a more open and functional layout, which will also introduce a sense of novelty to your home. Finally, make sure that your home is properly ventilated, so check your AC unit and introduce air purifiers. You should also embellish your home with plants since they will create a fresh and enjoyable ambience with an energising vibe.


3.    Upgrade your kitchen

As the heart of your home, your kitchen deserves special attention. Buyers love modern kitchens with energy-efficient appliances, quartz countertops and layered lighting. However, keep in mind that complete kitchen remodels can cost a fortune, so consider investing in just a few new pieces or minor updates. For instance, if you need a new fridge, you can invest in a new, state-of-the-art one. New models, such as innovative Maytag refrigerators, come in a variety of styles and with stunning features, such as LED lighting, flexible options, ice makers, etc. Keep in mind that appliances are the most important element in the kitchen, so don’t skimp on their quality and durability. When it comes to minor improvements, you can replace the faucets, knobs and pulls, repaint the cabinets and introduce additional storage units for enhanced functionality.


4.    Style up your floors

Although floors might seem like unimportant details, buyers actually pay special attention to them, which means that you need to do the same. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you should consider removing it and using stylish area rugs instead. Buyers love hardwood floors, so don’t hide yours under a carpet. You should check your floors for cracks and scratches and make sure to fix them. Afterwards, you should clean them meticulously and give them a spotless shine.
The same goes for tiles – they should be in great condition, so make sure to clean grout and mould. If you’re not sure how to properly do this, you can always hire a professional cleaning crew.


5.    Go with universally appealing décor

When selling your home, you need to appeal to a great number of buyers who have different senses of style. Since you cannot tailor your home décor to everyone’s taste, you should go with universally appealing décor with a classic value. In fact, most buyers prefer neutral, elegant designs where just a few impactful details come to the front. Therefore, it’s essential that you first depersonalise your home and then pick several decorative statements that will embellish your space. Several stunning paintings, lush greenery, stylish rugs and accent throw pillows are all subtle yet charming options for introducing a pop of colour or intricate patterns to an understated space.

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6.    Install appropriate lighting

Lighting can make or break your space since it affects the entire atmosphere of your home. It’s essential that you install a layered lighting scheme that consists of general, task and accent lights. In addition, don’t be afraid to use a beautiful pendant or chandelier to make a décor statement or lovely table lamps as accent details. Furthermore, keep in mind that every room has its function and requires appropriate lighting.

These simple tricks will help you design a home that will stand out on the market and attract top-tier buyers.

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