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Calgary’s Latest Goldmine for Investors

With Calgary’s market on the rebound, and new developments going strong, there are a number of opportunities for investors, however, one is proving to trump all.

Welcome to Seton, Calgary’s newest and long-awaited community. What is so special about Seton you might ask? Let’s get straight to the point.

” Seton hosts the South Health Campus, Calgary’s newest state of the art hospital
” In 2017, Seton was said to be the largest master-planned community in all of North America
” 17,000 jobs are expected to be created over the next couple of years
” 4 new schools are approved for construction
” Home to the largest, and newest, recreation center in Calgary
” Seton will mark the end point of the future Greenline LRT expansion
” A number of “firsts” for highly anticipated local business

As if this wasn’t enough to get excited about with a community currently in its earliest stages of infancy, there has a hidden gem that is a gold mine for Investors… Seton is one of the only communities zoned for Legal Suites.

Why is this so special? There are two main reasons.

First is the extensive renters’ pool that is anxiously waiting for a local place to live, as the nurses and elderly from the Hospital, young families going to school, and employees at the numerous new businesses do not have any residential real estate in close proximity to their job.

Second is the pricing. With exclusive pre-construction prices available in a community that is said to become the second downtown core of Calgary, the opportunity for getting in early and enjoying significant appreciation as the development blossoms is unparalleled.

Semi-Detached Modern Duplex: Starting at $399,000 with fully developed legal suite ($350,000 without suite)


Single Family Home: Starting at $450,000 with fully developed legal suite ($399,000 without suite).

With a limited amount of residential real estate approved for development in Seton due to its focus on conserving the largest density of green space for a community and maintain a highly walk-able lifestyle, this is one of the best opportunities for investors who want to get in early.

For more information, including examples of floor plans, amenities maps, and timeline, please email .

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