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Guess which Vancouver homeowners don’t have mortgages

By Mike Howell for Vancouver Courier

Many of us media types have done some reporting about the mountain of information released April 2, and the fact the city approved 15,406 housing units over the past two years.

But there’s so much more to tell.

To set this up, just a reminder the city’s goal is to approve the construction of 72,000 new homes by 2027. The city says nearly 50 per cent will serve households earning less than $80,000 per year.

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Two-thirds will be available for renters, with 40 per cent built with two or three bedrooms; “family-sized” is how the city describes those homes.

My purpose here is not to repeat what I already reported about where the city has made progress (condos, social and supportive housing, laneway homes) and not made progress (purpose-built rental housing, townhouses).

These are simply some random facts and stats cobbled together from the city’s housing report—which came via census, surveys, real estate sales and other sources—that you might find interesting, including which Vancouver homeowners no longer pay a mortgage (or maybe never did).

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