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Household Expenses You Can Save Money on This Year

By Will Sandford for Will Sandford

Paying bills, taxes and other monthly expenses seems like the worst way to spend your hard-earned cash, but it’s something you need to do unless you want to spend the rest of your life in jail. However, these things aren’t the only unnecessary household expenses we spend a ton of money on, so we need to start paying more attention to them and try to cut them down as much as we can. Therefore, here are some of the things you can save money on, starting today.

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Cable TV subscription

Being able to watch hundreds of channels on your TV is great, but how many of these do you actually watch on a daily basis? Five? Six? Ten? Living in a technologically-advanced era means you can access all that TV content in a matter of seconds, but is the monthly subscription you pay really worth it? Instead, you can stream all sorts of programs on the Internet, not to mention streaming services that will get you more content than you’ve ever wanted for just a couple of dollars and allow you to cancel your cable TV subscription once and for all.

Home insulation


Insulating your home is a costly process, but it can help you save a ton of cash in the long run, so it’s actually an investment you should definitely make as soon as you can. If you live in a completely insulated house, you won’t have to spend so much energy on heating it in the winter and keeping it cool in the summer, so regulating your indoor temperature won’t be as hard as it once was. Also, keep in mind that insulated houses are easier to sell, so if you ever decide to put your home on the market, you’ll be able to raise the price, which means this investment isn’t just great for your energy consumption, but for the value of your property too.

Electricity providers

Speaking of energy consumption, it’s important to know how much energy you’re using every single month, but also how much it costs. In other words, you might not be using that much energy, yet you’re stuck with a lousy electricity provider who’s overcharging you for it. What you need to do is look into the prices and see if that’s the case – you can even talk to experts who can compare electricity providers for you in a secure and reliable way, and tell you just how much money you can save by switching to a different plan or finding an alternative provider. Yes, this sounds like a lot of work, but just think of the cash you can save month after month and what you can do with it!

Landscaping services


Having someone mow your lawn and trim your bushes once a week is amazing, especially if you have a huge backyard, but it’s also quite expensive. And the worst thing about paying for these services is that you can actually do everything on your own, quite efficiently and completely free. Just get a reliable mower, learn how often you need to do this, get some low-maintenance plants and grass, and you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars on an annual basis.

Some of the other ways to save money around the house include canceling your magazine subscription and switching to online reading instead, installing energy-efficient windows and doors, investing in low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets, as well as paying your bills and mortgages on time so that you avoid late fees. All of these don’t sound like a lot at first, but can really help you save thousands in the years to come.

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