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Let’s Get Passive Aggressive: New Standards for the Single Family House

By COLINMSTEIN for Price Tags

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One of the issues cities across North America are grappling with (at least those that are not yet moving on progressive housing legislation, such as California’s SB 828) is the fact that, with single family home zoning, the only thing a ‘teardown’ can be replaced with is another single family home.

Mathematician, data analyst and notorious census mapper Jens von Bergmann points this out, noting that which is dominating the political landscape in Metro Vancouver these days — that when we look at single family home (SFH) development from an affordability perspective, it doesn’t look good.

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And from an emissions perspective too — things look mixed at best for entire swaths of SFH neighbourhoods, all across the region.

Essentially, teardowns have a carbon footprint that cannot be ignored, even if, as von Bergmann concedes, “we ignore affordability concerns, [that] we are the centre of a growing metropolitan area.”

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