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Make Your Condo Feel Larger – Here are 10 Tips!

Make Your Condo Feel Larger! Here are 10 Tips!

Let’s face it – condos are only going to continue to get smaller in Vancouver. Long gone are the glory days of 600-700 square foot one bedrooms and 1000-1200 square foot two bedrooms. The latest developments are offering entry-level junior one beds at 450 square feet and junior two bedrooms at 600-700 square feet!

Yes, it’s true that floor plans are more efficient with glass dividers separating bedrooms and linear kitchens. But, you still need to optimize space and furnish and paint your place to maximize perceptions of space.

Here are 10 simple ways you can make your Vancouver condo feel larger.

10. Dissolve boundaries

Erase boundaries in each room (corners, baseboards, moldings, etc.) by using monochromatic colour schemes. Paint walls and ceilings similar shades and choose a hardwood or laminate floor that’s approximate in value.

9. Say no to curtains!

Unless you are a nudist, consider removing drapes and blinds in the living room and kitchen to ensure you are getting in the absolute most amount of natural light. Natural light is your friend and makes your place feel larger.

8. Reflective and clear surfaces

Now that your condo is drinking in all that natural light, bounce it all around the room with reflective surfaces. Wall mirrors are an obvious choice but also consider popular mirrors furniture such as coffee tables or end tables. Dense objects will break up the space so also include transparent glass or Lucite furniture.

7. Furniture with more than one use

See that ottoman? Put a tray on it and now it’s your coffee table. Perhaps your kitchen island doubles as your dining room table or eating area. Multi-functional furniture can save on space and keep your style minimalist.

6. Solid colours > patterns

Consider solid colours when choosing furniture and paint. Patterns hold more visual weight than solid colours and can bulk up your place. This does not mean you have to avoid patterns all together, but try to use sparingly.

5. Minimalism. It works.

Now that you are laying out your furnishings, place essential items first to establish the activity center of the room. Consider both the purpose of the room and its focal point, i.e. a great view, a fireplace, or a big screen T.V. Once all the fundamentals are established, go through all the remaining items and ask yourself, “do I really need this?” More often than not, you don’t.

4. Keep house furniture in a house.

This point doesn’t require much explanation, but here goes – go shopping at a condo furniture store and look for smaller furniture that will fit the smaller dimension of your rooms. We constantly see people make the mistake of putting large, bulky furniture in a condo. Don’t fall victim to this! Not only will it make your place less liveable, it will also pose problems when you want to sell.

3. Sectional sofas are often modular by nature

Sectionals can be functional furniture that offer flexibility and can be positioned in a variety of ways. In addition, a single large piece of furniture (such as a sectional) can actually create the illusion of spaciousness.

2. Make negative space positive space

Maximize negative space (the unusable space surrounding an item). For example, choose furniture with legs rather than skirts and chairs with open backs. This goes back to our earlier point about getting natural light through the entire unit. Light is your friend!

1. Lighten up.

The objective in a small space should be to make it feel larger. And, perception is everything! Achieve this objective by painting walls and trim in pale, cool colours (think lavender or cloud blue). This will open up the room and make the walls diminish like a fading cloud into the sky. Not really, but it will help your place feel larger.

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