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Why the city’s chief planner is OK with you losing a view of North Shore mountains

On the next sunny day, go stand at the corner of 10th Avenue and Cambie Street and gaze down the sloping strip that connects to the Cambie Bridge and continues in to downtown.

See the snow-capped North Shore mountains in the distance?

Beautiful, right?

Most people would think so.

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Well you may or may not have heard the view will change sometime within the next 20 years—likely a lot sooner once and if council approves rezoning applications from provincial Crown corporation PavCo and private developer Concord Pacific.

The developers want to build three really tall residential towers—Concord two and PavCo one—that will partially obstruct your view of the mountains from that spot at 10th and Cambie, which is what the city refers to as a view corridor.

That spot, by the way, is steps from city hall.

So why is this allowed?

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