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Here are our latest Vancouver Real Estate News Podcasts. We’re proud to be the home of some of the best interviews and discussions in Vancouver real estate.  Our guests are the most interesting experts in their fields.

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 250 title card
episode # 250

25 Years Old & 20 Rental Properties with Austin Yeh

Austin Yeh is 25 years old and has 20 rental properties. Yes, you read that correctly. And get this: he still lives at home and his first property was purchased only two…

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 249 title card
episode # 249

Vancouver Real Estate and the Future of Urban Mobility with Carlton Reid

The majority of people in the 1920s thought cars were a passing fad. So perhaps it's surprising that today we think cars will be here forever. They will not and what replaces them…

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 248 title card
episode # 248

What We Can Learn From Institutional Investors During a Pandemic with Wendy Waters

Institutional money has pivoted during Covid-19, but is it towards or away from Vancouver real estate? Wendy Waters, Vice President, Research Services & Strategy at GWL Realty Advisors (with $15 billion under…

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 247 title card
episode # 247

Vancouver Housing Market Outlook 2020/21 with Professor Tom Davidoff

What is happening in the Vancouver real estate market? Covid-19 cases are rising, the NDP just won a majority in BC, the US Election is around the corner... and everyone is nervously awaiting…

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 246 title card
episode # 246

A Complete Guide to Vancouver’s Peat Bog Areas with Jeff Langford

Did you know much of Vancouver used to be swamp land? Perhaps that accounts for a couple of things: first, our city's brutal rat problem which rivals New York City on a…

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 245 title card
episode # 245

Did Covid-19 Kill Vancouver? with Tiffany Chu

Does the global pandemic signal the death knell for global cities like Vancouver? The short answer is that may be the wrong question. The CEO of Remix, Tiffany Chu, sits down with…

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 244 title card
episode # 244

Market Trends You Need to Know & Why Ending Single Family Zoning is Not the Easy Solution With Emily Hamilton

We’re so sick of post-covid terms like ‘new normal’, mostly because our current pandemic living no longer feels new or, for that matter, normal. So, is it surprising then that buyers seem…

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Vancouver Real Estate Podcast episode 243 title card
episode # 243

CMHC’s Evan Siddall’s Gone Rogue & David Larock Knows Why!

Back in May of this year, CMHC surprised many by predicting home prices would fall 9-18% and warned that Canadians were teetering on a debt-deferral cliff. Since then, amidst uncertainty, we have…

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episode # 236

Vancouver Real Estate Market Predictions 2020 & 2021 with Prof. Andrey Pavlov

Where is the Vancouver real estate market heading for the balance of 2020 and beyond? The answer might surprise you!  Professor of Finance & Vancouver real estate thought-leader, Andrey Pavlov, is back…

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