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episode # 46

Let’s Face It, Your Home is Outdated with Danielle Molnar

Founder and Lead Designer at Accentrix Design, Danielle Molnar, joins Adam & Matt to discuss popular trends for 2017 and how to keep up. She also reveals what is ‘in’ and what is definitely ‘out’.

Also, check out Brayden’s life before becoming the VREP Specialist when he was a deserted-forest-guitar-solo-ing-hair-metal-guitarist!


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Episode Summary


Adam: And welcome back to Vancouver real estate podcast. I’m your host Adam Scalena.

Matt: And I’m your host Matt Scalena.

Adam: Matt we’ve got an incredible show today.

Matt: This one is something special.

Adam: We’ve got Danielle Molnar and she’s with Accentrix Design. It’s a design firm out of Vancouver and she’s an interior designer so stay tuned for that.

Matt: Yes she really knows what she’s talking about and offers a lot of useful advice so…

Adam: Really useful tips right. What’s the color palette of this year?

Matt: GREEN.

Adam: No, stay tuned. Stay tuned, Matt, was the correct answer. But before we get to our interview with, before we get to our interview with Danielle…man, you just screamed that out.

Matt: I’m like kindergarten kid. I was like, “me, pick me!”

Adam: You’re you sitting cross-legged on the floor what’s the color of the season. And Matt we’re also really excited. We hired a new guy and he’s actually with us.

Matt: Yeah, we’ve been talking about it a lot but he’s actually in the room with us.

Adam: He’s with us today. Brayden, how you doing?

Brayden: Hey guys. I’m doing great.

Adam: Brayden is the sound tech and all around VREP specialist so we’re happy to have him aboard. And you’re going to make this sound better apparently.

Brayden: Yeah it already does.

Matt: With the third mic there. I mean Brayden ticked a lot of boxes when we were going down our list of what we were looking for.

Adam: What was the big selling factor for you, Matt?

Matt: The big selling factor for me was that Brayden you were in a hairband. Is that what you call it?

Brayden: Not really but yeah I mean there was hair, a lot of hair.

Matt: There was so much hair, we should link to some of the videos on our…

Adam: We’ve great video of Brayden doing a guitar solo on a cliff with a sun setting in the back.

Matt: The eagle perched on his shoulder.

Adam: We’re going to link to that on the Web site so check that out.

Matt: Vancouver real estate podcast dot com.

Adam: So Matt also we are hiring new agents. So if, we know that we have a lot of realtors that listen to the episode and shout out to all the realtors but if you are looking for a job or to grow your business, feel free to reach out to us.

Matt: Absolutely, yes.

Adam: There’s an opportunity there but what else Matt, we’re at the B.C.

Matt: Yeah. That’s the other thing is we’re hitting BC Home and Garden Show this Thursday through Sunday. It’s a busy place. So come down there’s a few things we want to say about that. One is, if you have tickets we’d love to see you down there. We are offering an incentive for people to come out for purchasers or sellers, either-or. So come come say hello to Adam and myself.

The other thing is we have some tickets to give away. So if you don’t have tickets to the home and garden show yet at B.C. Place get in touch with Adam or I or come on our website and yes, send us a message.

Adam: And another reason to come to our Web site is all the amazing information that you’re going to get. So Matt, we’ve got…

Matt: Fantastic resource.

Adam: It is a fantastic resource. And while you’re there, I mean check out the active blog but also sign up for the VREP Livewire.

Matt: Here you can listen to the past episodes. We’ve got a whole catalog there. We’ve also got the VREP Livewire.

Adam: Yeah industry tips from industry experts, we’ve got early access to presale projects and then we’ve also got some exclusive information that we don’t even share on the podcast.

Matt: Yeah. And we’re open kimonos here so…

Adam: Open books.

Matt: OK. We we share almost everything on the podcast but there’s some exclusive stuff so come sign up to the VREP live wire on our site Vancouver real estate podcast. com.

Adam: Yeah so Matt maybe without further due, let’s cut to our interview with Danielle Molnar from Accentrix design.

Matt: Awesome, enjoy guys.

Adam: OK so we’re here with Danielle Molnar from Accentrix design. How are you doing Danielle?

Danielle: I’m good. How are you guys doing?

Adam: Doing well.

Matt: Thanks for joining us.

Adam: So Daniel for our listeners can you just start by maybe telling us a little bit about yourself.

Danielle: Yeah for sure. So I’m interior designer. I’ve been doing this for about almost nine years now running my own company. So we’re full service interior design company based you know within Vancouver. And we focus mainly on residential new construction and renovation but also some commercial and hospitality work. I have a team of myself and also two other employees. And so we’re kind of more of a boutique firm. I always like to make sure everyone is involved collectively and were able to collaborate and come up with some really great ideas that way.

So, that’s a little bit about me.

Adam: Awesome. So Danielle, when you say Vancouver, just so we’re clear, are you talking kind of Vancouver proper or the Lower Mainland more generally?

Danielle: Yeah, the Lower Mainland. I mean we do work all over. We’re based actually out of Burnaby. But we do work just all over the lower mainland. So anywhere as far out as Harrison hotsprings, we’ve done some in Whistler, we’ve done some in you know Delta North South West Vancouver and stuff like that. So kind of everywhere.

Adam: Right. So Danielle, why should someone hire an interior designer.

Danielle: Well there’s a lot of reasons. One of them is I guess you know I find the headache of not hiring one outweighs the cost for sure. And there’s so many things to take into consideration when building a home or renovating that most people overlook. There are so many things like lighting and storage and how will the space function when you’re actually living in it. And I find that people just completely overlook those things until they’re actually living in their space and they’re like OK this does not work for us.

So that’s one of the main reasons why you should. Another I mean so many mistakes can happen and those mistakes can be very costly. So in order to avoid making mistakes or ordering the wrong material or tile, that’s what we’re here to help you with. And we’ve spent years doing this as our main, like this is what we do, right. So we see it all the time. So we’re just here to kind of make, we make sure that you don’t make those mistakes and also make sure everything looks put together at the end of the project great. So it’s not mix matched.

Adam: And when should a potential client engage you in the process. Obviously it sounds like right at the start.

Danielle: Yeah, for sure. So the earlier the better. We have a lot of clients, a lot of our clients they contact us at different stages but we think that the best time to contact us is really right after you start working with an architect. We even have clients that hire as you know before they actually have their plans concrete or before they’ve submitted their building permits. And that allows us to kind of take a look at the space and make sure that it’s going to function later. Or you know your dining room is not too far away from your kitchen or you want this room to be close to that room. So we usually take those plans after we get them from the architects and do a little bit of rearranging based on how you’re going to use the space later on. So really the earlier the better because once you have your permit and it’s in construction and we’re dealing with you know load bearing walls and stuff like that, we can’t really make too many changes at that point. So the earlier the better.

Adam: Okay great. So Danielle, I got this question from a client the other day. What paint colors do you think are going to be on trend in 2017?

Danielle: Well, we always hear so much about you know the pantone color of the year and this year it’s Greenery. But I don’t, I don’t suggest that you go and paint your whole entire house green because this would not work.

So I mean they always make these predictions every year like what color is going to be in. So we suggest that if you do want to follow the design trend or the color trends for 2017 that you just to use them, maybe like tops of accent coat, like just accent colors really versus painting the whole entire space. Another thing that we have been seeing a lot not just in 2017 but even last year is just a continuation with light and bright spaces. So a lot of our clients right now are they’re going really light with our walls and ceilings and all that stuff. And then using like light woods and materials together. So it just has a really nice airy feel to it. We’re kind of moving away from all the dark colors and it’s really just all about the light and bright right now.

Adam: Are there any trends that you’re seeing that are very popular that might be on their way out in 2017?

Danielle: There’s a few. It’s really hard to say. I mean there’s trends that it depends really how you put the space together. If you want to go overboard and say you want to put black faucets through your whole entire house that I can tell you is probably going to be on their way out within the next couple of years. But adding pop to things here and there you know maybe your main kitchen or something like that, you know that’s maybe not going to be too bad. What else is going out. I find people are starting to move away like that from the Greys and the dark colors and stuff like that. And and it’s really like with the light and people are using concrete in multiple colors in their kitchen like different textures on millwork and stuff like that. I think warm bronzes and golds and those things are coming in right now and are really big. But again you have to be really careful about how you use them in your space because that’s potentially something that could be out of style in a few years.

Adam: Great. So shifting gears a bit. You know obviously a lot of people in Vancouver live in quite small spaces. Do you have any tips for listeners and how to make the most of a smaller space?

Danielle: Yeah, for sure. So for a small space, I mean light colors that’s really the key because if you paint anything dark or you fill it with dark, it’s going to feel like it’s closing in on you. So light and bright is always number one. Don’t over clutter and make sure that your furniture is actually suitable for your space. So it’s not big and bulky it’s more clean simple lines. Those are probably like the best tips I can give somebody. And you know just don’t overdo it really.

Adam: OK. So Matt spends hours on Pinterest because he finds it mostly pinteresting. But what do you think about online resources, like which online resources do you use for inspiration?

Danielle: Well, we actually use Pinterest quite a bit. The first thing we do when we work with, yeah it’s very, I love it.

The first thing we do when we actually start working with a new client or even from the very first consultation I always tell them you know regardless of whether I work with you or you work with another designer, start a Pinterest board or start a Houzz account and just really start collecting photos of what you like. It may not apply exactly to the space that you’re trying to renovate or decorate but we can always take a look at like what you’re attracted to what kind of things you like what kind of colors and try and make that fit for your space.

So that’s really the most important part of the design process. It is really trying to figure out what the client wants and what the client needs. And sometimes they don’t know what they want but the pictures really help so much. So that gives us a clear vision of what you’re thinking.

Adam: Right.

Matt: Great advice.

Adam: Where do you shop in Vancouver for furniture?

Danielle: I don’t, you know it really depends on the client and what their budget is for sure. In Vancouver, a couple of my favourite stores that I really like and I find and it’s not just about the back pieces, it’s also the staff that work there and you know people that are going to be really helpful. So a couple of places that I really love in Vancouver are Moe’s and Once A Tree furniture, they’re really great and they have a wide range of furniture pieces and accessories for everybody really. And they vary in cost so they have something that’s going to fit your budget whether you have a high end or low end project.

Adam: Fantastic advice. Question for you just more generally, is Vancouver a trend setting city when it comes to design trends or do we follow?

Danielle: I think we follow a little bit. I don’t know if it’s exactly trendsetting but you know I feel like we get a lot of our design inspiration and trends from Europe and you know they’re always so ahead of us with everything. So but I mean for myself and when I’m designing for other clients you know I like to look kind of at different trends globally and so not all trends will apply to all clients, right. So some clients just want you know they know what they like and then others they want to be you know very out there and so it really really depends. But in Vancouver, not in Vancouver but in Canada actually, Toronto is probably a little bit ahead of us. But I mean we do a pretty good job at catching up.

Adam: Do you have any, so you’ve likely worked with several people in the Vancouver area. Do you have any nightmare stories or jobs that come to mind?

Matt: And can you give us names?

Danielle: I do, no names but what I can just go a little bit of a nightmare story and it goes, it’s just about I guess hiring the right trades people that kind of the big thing that I would tell people to look into when they’re starting a renovation or a new construction home or something like that, you want to make sure your trade’s people are who they say they are and you want to go look at projects that they’ve done in the past.

The nightmare story that I’ve had is really just working with, one of my clients knew a contractor and they wanted to hire their own contractor which is totally fine because we don’t mind working with your contractors. Just make sure that they are reliable because you’re paying them a lot of money, you’re paying us a lot of money for the design and if it doesn’t turn out the way that you want it or it takes longer or the workmanship isn’t there, it’s really I mean it’s just unfortunate. So that’s my kind of advice for somebody that’s looking to do a renovation project as trades people.

Matt: Everybody has a horror story that they’ve at least heard of.

Adam: So we have this new segment, it’s called the five wire. So we’re going to ask you five quick questions, rapid fire. So, favourite area in Vancouver.

Danielle: Obviously I’m not very fast at it. I like Kits area, Kits is nice. .

Adam: OK great. Kids what are your favourite restaurant or bar?

Danielle: I love The Acorn, their Kale Cesar Salad there is amazing.

Adam: Oh good answer, the Acorn. Where do you take someone from out of town first place?

Danielle: Stanley Park.

Adam: We haven’t had Stanley Park yet.

Matt: No, West Side mansion or downtown penthouse.

Danielle: West side mansion.

Adam: Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Seacrest.

Danielle: Ryan Reynolds.

Adam: Ryan Reynolds is in Vancouver guy too.

Matt: I would’ve went Gosling myself. What do I know.

Adam: So Danielle how can people reach you?

Danielle: Well we can be reached, all of our contact info is online on our website. So it’s

Adam: And that’s with an A, correct?

Danielle: Yes. It’s with an A. If you just do a quick search on on Google for Accentrix design that will come up and all of our contact both on there. We do free consultation for certain projects that you’re looking for a full service design package.

Adam: Excellent. Well hey thanks again for your time.

Matt: Thanks so much Daniel.

Danielle: Yeah, no worries. It was awesome. Thank you so much.

Matt: So there you have folks, our discussion with Danielle Molnar from Accentrix design.

Adam: Daniel’s great Matt and I mean we’ve seen a lot of her projects. She does amazing work and…

Matt: She knows her craft. What was your biggest takeaway.

Matt: It was it was a validation essentially of my obsession with Pinterest and Houzz… that’s the place to start, you know that’s a place to watch for on point trends.

Adam: For sure.  I really thought that the way she talked about hiring a trade is key for everybody out there. I mean it’s one thing to have an amazing idea but to actually have somebody who can execute it and make sure that you screen your trades, that is everything.

So Matt we’ve got some exciting news outside of the fact that we’re hiring and that we’re going to be at the BC home and garden show.

Matt: Yeah we should say before we get to that exciting news though, that is Thursday through Sunday and we have incentives and we want to meet people there and we have free tickets. So come on down there and give us a shout if you’re looking for a ticket.

Adam: And we also have the announcement of the VREP short which is going to be every Monday. So basically it’s practical tips for navigating the Vancouver real estate market.

Matt: Stuff we couldn’t get to on the show.

Adam: Exactly. In short form. So check out that every Monday it’s going to be on the same feed so subscribe on iTunes or whatever you listen to, however you get your podcast and it’s going to be great.

Matt: We should say too, we got a couple more reviews on iTunes, such a nice surprise and thanks everyone for doing that. It really helps us grow and we appreciate it.

Adam: Yeah we always say I mean it’s the biggest compliment that you can give us is either getting in touch or leaving us a review. We really appreciate that. And thanks again. So Matt how can people reach you?

Matt: You can give me a shout at 7 7 8 8 4 7 2 8 5 4 or Matt at Vancouver real estate podcast dot com.

Adam: Or you can try me at 7 7 8 8 6 6 4 5 7 4 or Adam at Vancouver real estate podcast dot com.

Matt: All right guys.

Adam: Or last but, if you try Brayden at the non-partisan info@Vancouver real estate podcast . com.

So anyways, play us out Brayden

Brayden:  Thought you’d never ask.

Matt: Take care guys.

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