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episode # 62

To Love It or List It with Celebrity Realtor Todd Talbot

Celebrity Realtor Todd Talbot from Love It or List It Vancouver sits down for a candid conversation with Adam and Matt to discuss everything from haircuts to real estate investing.

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Episode Summary


Life on TV

Celebrity Realtor and Host of “Love It or List It Vancouver”, Todd Talbot, sits down for a candid conversation on real estate investing. Todd’s show helps families make hard decisions about selling or keeping their homes. Todd knows a lot about the industry and its challenges. He was a licensed REALTOR and Vancouver real estate investor before television.

Todd explains that the main reason people embark on renovation projects is due to constraints in their lives. They consider how their lives have changed over the years and feel their homes should change too. This prompts them to start planning a reno or looking at real estate listings.

The show offers couples access to the best renovation companies in the city and a slight financial incentive as well.

Todd spends plenty of time with each family during filming. Together, they undergo stressful situations and an emotional journey – something to be expected in all real estate decisions.

Todd argues that all purchasers should look at buying real estate as an investment. However, there are other factors to consider as well. For instance, kids (or future kids) should play a huge factor. For example, maybe it’s important to note if there is a flat street where they can ride their bikes or extra storage and study space and, of course, the list goes on…

How TV changed Todd’s life

Todd loves investing in real estate but time constraints have gotten in the way. Early morning shoots, guest appearances, and meetings keep his schedule full. Turns out being a celebrity is busy! He still believes he would have made more money as an investor than a TV Host.

Todd has also had to deal with losing his anonymity. Being on a reality TV show reveals your most intimate details to the world. With all the public scrutiny and business, Todd still likes to make himself accessible to fans on social media and tries to answer every fan question or email.

Todd’s real estate pro-tip

The importance of having a team cannot be over-emphasized in the real estate industry. Build a team that supports what you are trying to do and don’t be a lone ranger. Look for communities that have potentials for the next ten years and flipping is not a viable strategy. And if you are seeking to invest, East Vancouver is gold.

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