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episode # 73

So Fun City with Miss604

Rebecca Bollwitt, a celebrity blogger Miss604, covers hot topics about events and happenings in Vancouver.

Vancouver Real Estate News, Market Updates, Insider Tips, Stats, & Analysis

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Episode Summary


The West End, summer, and great website resources in Vancouver

The West End is the most populated residential core of downtown, and it is changing a bit. Taking Denman and Robson, for example, these two areas are places where things seem to be slowing down a bit. There are lots of shops which are closing down, and commercial businesses can’t seem to afford the rents. In any case, there have been lots of development proposal signs and in addition to the Lumiere festival in December, things could just be starting to get exciting again.

Vancouver will definitely be bustling with activities in the summer, and there will be a lot of events that involve the fireworks in July and August. There will be a celebration of light and free movies at Stanley Park. Anything big and free will get good coverage.

There are a few great websites which people living in Vancouver will find resourceful. There is the city of Surrey, City of New Westminster, and City of Vancouver websites for people who are into the city/building related news. Apart from, there is also who follows great concerts, arts events, etc.

Breweries are the hot thing in Vancouver right now!

There are great restaurants and breweries, with East Van even being referred to as YeastVan. This is very trendy right now. People can also take a walk in the Mount Pleasant/Main Street area because there are eight different breweries within a stone’s throw of each other. There are also the usual breweries like Brassneck, 33 Acres, Red Truck, Steel Toad, and the Main Street Brewing Company and you can visit the one that is closest to you.

The city of Vancouver has become a “more fun” city by allowing more events and bigger festivals. There are also outdoor activities for drinking and great music. Even smaller communities are having festivals with loads of free stuff; these are things that people will otherwise pay for in other places. The rents in Vancouver are not as affordable as before, and people are looking for cheap or free forms of entertainment. These free events are what usually get the most traffic.

Which area will boom in the coming months?

Hopefully, the West End will really boom again. New Westminster is quite big now. And there have been reports from realtors that the New West real estate market is exploding currently. Over the past decade, Vancouver seems to have changed a lot. There are now lots of free events unlike before, and a whole neighborhood like Olympic village has emerged “from the ashes,” as before that area was just warehouses.



Full Transcript:

Adam: And welcome back to Vancouver Real Estate Podcast. I’m your host, Adam Scalena.

Matt: And I’m your, oh my God, I’m blinded over here…

Adam:  What?  What are you laughing about?  I don’t even…

Matt: Your smile.

Adam:   Wait.  Introduce yourself first.

Matt:  Blinded by the white.

Adam:  Geez.

Matt: I’m your other host, Matt Scalena

Adam:  Thanks.

Matt:  but jeeze.  What’s going on?

Adam: Oh, man. Okay.  Okay.  Is that going to be brought up the whole episode?  These guys have been teasing me.  I got some white teeth.  Yeah, I had my teeth whitened.  Yeah.

Matt:  Yeah, natural. They look natural.

Adam:  Thanks.

Brayden:  I think I’m getting a tan over here.

Adam:  Okay.  Okay.  You know….

Matt:  I’ve watched this whole thing play out.

Adam:  I went to the dentist, first time ever.  I went to the dentist.  It was the first time in a long time, about six months or so but they offered me a free whitening and I took them up on it

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam:  and now I’m a little self-conscious about my teeth.

Matt: Well you know what it works.

Adam:  Yeah.  Thanks.

Matt:  You should be giving that referral out on those.

Adam:  Yeah, if anyone needs good teeth whitening, give me a shout.  I got a guy for that.  Anyways, Matt, we have an amazing show

Matt:  We do.

Adam:  We’ve got Rebecca Bollwitt and she is from the blog, the very famous blog

Matt:  Miss

Adam:  Miss

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam:  Yeah and you know it’s funny.  I remember…I’ve been a fan of Miss for years and I actually tried to buy Miss 778 but

Matt:  she owns it

Adam:  she owns it and it redirected it to 60.  I still own 60pho because I plan on opening some Vietnamese restaurants in the future but anyways we have Rebecca on which is excellent.

Matt:  Yeah it’s awesome.

Adam:   And also before we get to our interview with Rebecca we should talk about the fact that Chinatown, the 105 Keefer

Matt: the 105 yeah.

Adam:  development was actually just voted down yesterday by the city.

Matt:  Yeah, it was and obviously we had Beverly Ho on last week

Adam:  Right.

Matt: and Jenny

Adam:  Quan.

Matt:  Quan, the Member of Parliament talking about their opposition to that project

Adam:  Right.

Matt: and yeah successful community mobilization there.

Adam:  Huge.  Yeah, hugely successful.  We didn’t really take a stance on the issue but we wanted to make sure that we highlighted some of the concerns.  We talk a lot about redevelopment and the need for densification

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam:  and so it was, you know.  We felt like it was at least necessary to try and cover all sides.

Matt:  Yeah well and you know we’ve had Abundant Housing Vancouver

Adam:  Sure.

Matt:  We’ve had a lot of people that are calling for more density, more density, more density and we thought it was yeah, a perfect opportunity to highlight the other side of that.

Adam:  Exactly.  Exactly. And it’s interesting too because we were mentioned in The Georgia Strait this past week and they were talking about you know all the voices in the community that have been talking about this issue

Matt: Yeah.  I mean…

Adam:  They even mentioned our podcast.

Matt:  They said media wise.  You know they brought up Business in Vancouver

Adam:  Right.

Matt:  The Vancouver Sun and you know this little upstart thing we got here.

Adam:  Vancouver Real Estate Podcast.  Yeah.

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam: It’s on year two.  Year two.  Not quite an upstart.

Matt:  Well it’s still…

Adam:  Well potentially an upstart.

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam:   I don’t know the …We don’t know enough about the tech industry

Matt: It’s a media conglomerate.

Adam:  It’s …

Matt:  Is that what you would call us?

Adam:  Yeah.  Conglomerate I think is the appropriate word.

Brayden: I don’t think so.

Adam: So okay so

Matt:  In any event, we got the shout out which is very nice.

Adam:  We got the shout out.  We really appreciate it but the way they said it is even the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast voiced some concerns.

Matt:  Exactly.  Yeah and you know what?  We’re sensitive to that even.  I think we’re sensitive as realtors.

Adam:  Yeah.

Matt:  because realtors obviously have been under fire for the last two years or so

Adam:  Right.  Right.  Right.  Right.

Matt: in the city or maybe longer but really intense scrutiny and it just rubbed

Adam:  Well, no. I don’t know if it rubbed us the wrong way

Matt:  Well it rubbed me the wrong way.

Adam:  Did it rub you the wrong way?  It didn’t rub me the wrong way but I kind of…it was one of these things where I think that what’s been going on at least in the comment section of a lot of the articles

Matt: We’re overly sensitive.

Adam:  and we are very sensitive to that type of stuff because at the end of the day we work in an industry where we know a lot of other realtors and generally speaking it’s almost like when they say even we feel a certain way about a you know culture preservation or something along those lines it’s as if just because you sell real estate you can’t have any concern about the community right?

Matt:  Yeah.  It’s like you know we sell homes to people and therefore we don’t live in this community.  We don’t have friends that are struggling.  We want to steamroll China Town

Adam:  Yeah.

Matt:   because we might get a couple of presale deals out of it.  I mean…

Adam: Exactly.

Matt:  it’s like this weird assumption that that’s of course these guys will be for

Adam: for redevelopment

Matt:  for redevelopment which is not even to say like you said it’s not to say that we’re even against it but just this assumption that it’s Scrooge sitting on a money bag cackling in the background here

Adam: Yeah I can assure you nobody in this room is sitting on a money bag

Matt:  Yeah.  No kidding.  Oh Brayden is.

Brayden:  Threw it off.

Adam: Brayden just legitimately adjusted his money bag.  How’s the money?  You uncomfortable over there?

Matt:  But anyway yeah we thought we’d address it because it seems like… like I said we have friends on Facebook that there’s some raging debates too and there’s just this assumption all the time and hopefully we break out of that stereotype because

Adam:  Yeah, and it comes

Matt:   We live here.  We work here.

Adam:  It comes with the territory but anyways and so what else is going on?

Matt:  Yeah, so it’s still busy out there.

Adam: It is.

Matt:  The big thing was 567 Clark + Como I think.

Adam:  I think you mean Clark and Phono because people…there was a fear of missing out on that.

Matt:  Fear of missing out so for those of you that are not in the know that was a presale development out in Burquitlam

Adam:  Hugely successful

Matt:  along the Evergreen Line

Adam:  for those guys.

Matt:  the hype along those things was nuts.  Yeah Marcon was the developer. Yeah we just wanted to talk about it a little bit because of the process.  I mean there were under 350 suites.  I think they held back floors so potentially under 300, closer to 200 suites.  There’s 3500 suite selection forms filled out

Adam:  Wow.  Yeah.

Matt: and I think most people were left disappointed.

Adam:  Yeah.  It’s really hard to buy a presale condo right now.  You need that access and even with that access it’s really challenging, right

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam:  because you have developers’ friends and family.  You often see developers holding back units.  It’s not always clear exactly how the sales process and let’s be honest though the sales people are in a tough process

Matt:  Oh.

Adam:  themselves.  I mean like… I …there’s nobody I feel worse for than the people that actually have to be …I mean you’re getting pulled in 300 different directions, 3000 different directions.

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam:  Get me this, get me this, get me this and you only have a certain limit.  You have a certain number of units you can sell.

Matt: Yeah there’s only so many coffees people can buy for you to kind of sweeten the pot for you.

Adam:  Yeah, I don’t think your tall Americano worked.

Matt:  Yeah, I told you you should have bought Grande.

Adam:  Yeah, yeah.  Exactly.  So anyways so that yeah, I mean that was a very interesting project.

Matt:  Well and it was interesting too because the number of hurdles that are set up you know for people to jump through and then ultimately a lot of people are disappointed.

Adam:   Yeah, so and the next one is Joyce obviously.

Matt: Yeah.  Joyce by West bank.  I mean…

Adam:  Right.  We’ve talked about this in previous episodes.

Matt:  Yeah, we were thinking it was going to be about 1000 a foot and it looks like it’s going to be higher than that.

Adam:  Yeah.

Matt:  Information is still scarce but a lot of buzz around that project and…

Adam:  Bottom line is you should have bought Urba.

Matt:   Yeah, I think we should have taken our own advice from that short and picked up a couple of units because

Adam:  I think they have a dispensary for urba don’t they?

Matt:  Joyce is

Adam:  What is Urba?  Urba’s the name of the …It’s the name of the building if you’re wondering.

Matt:  Yeah.  Yeah but Joyce Sky Train Station is now highly, highly desirable and

Adam:  No kidding.

Matt:  and yeah we’re looking at well over a thousand a foot by the looks of things so

Adam:  Yeah.

Matt:  that was crazy.  Any final thoughts, Adam?

Adam: Yeah.  You know I just wanted to highlight another thing that I’ve been kind of seeing out there and I’ve been speaking to a lot of agents who are working the west side detached market and the east side detached market and there seems to be a slight lull  taking place right now.  It’s a…I don’t know for how long but a few people that had really well priced homes come on in the last couple of week-ends and actually expecting offers and then finding out on Monday, Tuesday that nothing was coming in.

Matt:   Yeah.

Adam:  So this has been…

Matt:  This is literally a week or two though.  This is…

Adam:  This has been about three weeks or so and the detached market on the west side is really interesting right now because things are softening especially around the you know the 4 million dollar mark and up is quite soft.  What are the implications of that?  Well, on the one hand you know the bank of mom and dad is now a little bit concerned to gift money

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam: so it might affect you know the young people that are trying to get into the market because if they’re not confident that their home can sell for you know 4.5 million or whatever then maybe they’re not comfortable to gift money before it’s actually sold…

Matt:  You got to tighten the purse strings.

Adam:  Well yeah and then the second well yeah, and the second implication of that obviously is downsizers are a big driving factor in this market and if you don’t know how long your house…it’s going to take for your house to sell and if it doesn’t…if you don’t know what you’re going to necessarily get out of it,

Matt:  Right.

Adam:  you’re less likely to buy before you sell so it’s kind of, there’s some interesting things going on in the detached market right now but I’ve noticed that condos and town homes are still going crazy, the attached market’s still very busy but detached is a bit hit or miss, I would say.

Matt:  Yeah and what’s also is strange about that and we’ve talked about it in the past is that gap between condos and townhomes

Adam:  Right.

Matt:   and the detached is really shrinking this year.

Adam:  It is. Yeah.

Matt:  In a weird way where houses are not… It’s not nearly as hot as condos and townhomes and like there was a sale last night so last night in the west end, 1982 building, a 2 bedroom was listed at 650, concrete building, in-suite laundry but 1982…

Adam:  Sure.

Matt:  650.  It sold for 795,500.  It’s what the subject free offer was so my point here is when an 800 square foot older building in the west end’s going for 800 K, detached homes, man some steals out there right now.

Adam:  Well if you have a mortgage helper, right? And if you’re willing to

Matt:  Yeah.  Of course.

Adam:    willing to do some work to the house because I mean, let’s be honest I mean you’re not really getting a detached house for under 1.2 million dollars in Vancouver right now and that’s going to need a lot of work.  That’s pretty much land value, right?

Matt:   Yeah but I mean the key point here is the gap is definitely closing and

Adam:  For sure.

Matt:  and the prices have increased so dramatically this year in those certain segments of the market right?  the condos and townhomes whereas detached seems to be a little bit slower.

Adam:  Yeah, for sure.  So Matt, maybe let’s…we’ve got a great episode today.  We’ve got Rebecca Bollwitt on and the nice thing about this is it’s like a long version of the Five Wire with a bunch of awesome information about Vancouver.

Matt:  Yeah.  She knows her stuff.   She’s been doing it since the… what over 10 years now,

Adam:  Yeah.

Matt: closer to 15

Adam: Yeah.  Without further ado, here’s our interview with Miss604.

Matt:  Enjoy.


Adam:  Okay so we’re here with Rebecca Bollwitt from How are you doing, Rebecca?

Rebecca:  Hi.  I’m good.  Thanks.  How are you?

Adam: Doing well.

Matt:  Pretty good.  Good.  Thanks for taking the time today, Rebecca.

Rebecca:  Good. Yeah.  Thanks for having me on.

Adam:  So Rebecca, maybe we could start by just asking you can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rebecca:  Sure, yeah.  I’m born and raised in the lower mainland and I started having a future working in the .com industry, techie background and I started a blog in 2004 called and originally it was about things I ate for breakfast and cats of course as things were on the internet in 2004 and it’s just evolved into this beast so I took my professional background and applied it to what I was doing with the site and I’ve been a full time professional blogger since 2008.

Matt: Wow so when you started the blog did you have any idea that it would become kind of what you do?

Rebecca:  Absolutely not, no.  It was…I was working in online media in 1999-2000 so I saw like the first evolution of the web and then web2.o and then when social media started coming around and I saw blogging as a thing that was happening in 2004 so I jumped on that and then I just you know that was even before twitter and Facebook

Rebecca:   were around

Matt:  right.

Rebecca:   so it’s just a constant evolution of keeping up with social networks, keeping up with trends on line and keeping up with content and things that are happening around the city.

Matt:  Right.  So you started out focused mainly on cats, can you tell us a little bit about what your blog has become?

Rebecca:  Sure.  Since…I think the main thing I wanted to portray on my site was I wanted to talk about the city.  There weren’t a lot of people talking about the city online in that time.  There were not many other blogs around.  There’s a few that I still love, been around forever.  They were around before me but now I talk about events, things happening in the city, history, just, I want people to be informed about what’s going on in the city and the fun things that they can do to get out and enjoy it because for a while there, Vancouver had a no fun nickname

Matt:  Yeah.

Rebecca:  and I like to tell people that I get 300 e-mails every month and I post all of them.  They’re all events so there’s lots to do.

Adam:  Wow, man.

Matt:  So what are your…if we can, we usually have a VREP Five Wire segment but this episode is basically an entire episode on the Five Wire.

Adam:  It’s the long form Five wire.

Matt:  It’s the long form.  So what are some of your favourite restaurant/ bars in Vancouver currently?

Rebecca:  Currently.  It changes so frequently.  We had a favourite one in our neighbourhood, called the Fat Badger in the West End

Matt:  Right.

Adam:  Oh nice.

Rebecca:  and it was like this being a Heritage house and it was a British pub.  It’s changed over recently.  We haven’t been there since it’s changed so we’re going to give it a try.  It’s called something else now but it’s on Alberni and Cardero.  That was one of our favourites.  We’re big into…we live in the west end, my husband and I so we love just going for a walk and treating Stanley Park like our backyard so when we go into Stanley Park and have a 3 hour walk through the trails which I love which we rarely see many people there so I encourage people to get out and go through the trails at Stanley Park. Beautiful. Get off the seawall.

Adam:  Yeah.

Rebecca:  I know that’s beautiful too but in Stanley Park we love the Stanley’s Bar and Grill at the pavilion there.

Adam:  Oh right.

Rebecca:  You’ve got the Stanley Park Pavilion.  There was a wedding there on the week-end and you think of it as a wedding venue or maybe as Malkin Bowl that’s there but there’s a little restaurant in there and you’ve got good craft beer

Adam:  Okay.

Rebecca:  so I like exploring our neighbourhood but then also yeah, I’ll go far for something sometimes, not far.  I’ve been downtown too long.  I was just thinking about New Westminster.  Oh that’s far, no, it’s not but…

Matt: You know what?  I just had a question about the west end because I live in the west end as well and what do you see the future of the west end?  Are you excited about it?  I mean Denman seems to…there’s that Blind Sparrow Bar that’s new but Denman seems to be kind of a little dead.  Would you say?

Adam:  Well…

Matt: Dead’s not the right word.

Adam:  Maybe dead’s not the right word.  I was actually just speaking to somebody who was saying that they have commercial space on Denman and they can’t rent it currently.

Matt:  Because the prices are so high, right?

Rebecca:  Oh wow.

Adam:  Yeah.

Matt:  Yeah and also Robson too seems like it’s kind of transitioning in a way.  Are you excited about the future of the west end?

Rebecca: I’m excited that there’s good changes coming.  I have noticed a lot of stores shuttered on Robson and some that have been closed forever…and so like HMV just closed again at that location…where the RW&Co was that closed up, Hapa Izakaya that closed, that was another big popular restaurant and the same thing on Denman.  You’re right.  Several restaurants have closed so the few new ones that are opening up so like Blind Sparrow and Buckstop is pretty good too if you like barbeque.

Matt:  uhuh.

Rebecca:  I’m excited about the future of the west end because it’s been my home for 12 years and I just love to see the new and upcoming things like the added Lumiere Festival in December and that’s beautiful.  Around Christmas time you got lights and tours and music all throughout the neighbourhood. But yeah I’m noticing a lot of development proposal signs

Matt:  Right.

Rebecca:   for big towers along Robson, Denman, a lot of…some of our favourite restaurants are closing so there’s this vacancy that’s happening but then signs…literal signs for development so you know so the west end is the most populated residential core of the downtown and a lot of the buildings here…there’s heritage buildings, a lot of low rise buildings, and I don’t know it will be interesting to see what happens.  I like the dynamic of it.  I like walking in off of Robson or walking in off of Denman and I hear lawnmowers and birds chirping and you

Matt:  Right.

Rebecca:  don’t feel like you are downtown but then we’re kind of losing those core commercial spaces that’s kind of neat so yeah.

Matt: Yeah.  I mean I just find it always curious about the west end that it’s so densely populated but it seems like the businesses have trouble maintaining a client base but I think it has to do with rents more than anything else.  That it’s just so expensive to operate down there but yeah anyway I just thought I’d get your thoughts on that.

Adam:  So you must see almost every event in Vancouver must cross your desk before you blog on it so what are maybe some of the most exciting events coming up this summer in your opinion?

Rebecca: Yeah this summer well I know the ones that will get the most traffic on my site…so anything to do with fireworks so Celebration of Lights Fireworks which are happening July 29, August 2nd. And then the Saturday following August 2nd.  So Celebration of Light, anything big and free so in the summer it’s all about that, getting outside, getting together with thousands of other people to enjoy either fireworks or free movies in Stanley Park.  That’s the next most popular post I’ll have on my site now so every Tuesday, July and August, second beach, there’ll be free outdoor movies in Stanley Park.  I’ve already seen people responding to Goonies. I forget which night that is.  I thinks that’s July 19th but yeah so anything upcoming in the summer that’s free outdoors happening in the city.  People are going to be there.

Adam:  Great, Matt, we use to call Matt Chunk all the time when he was growing up so

Matt:  I was waiting for the Goonie joke there I was like alright here it comes.

Adam:  Here it comes…. so can you talk a little bit about some other online resources that you use to kind of track events in the city?  So obviously is the

Matt:  That’s the go to.

Adam:  That’s the go to but what other websites do you like in Vancouver?

Rebecca:  Yeah.  Actually if I was doing my event lists I actually put the city websites, so like City of Surry, City of New Westminster, City of Vancouver, because they have all their listings there too, for anything that’s in a city building or city related.  I see things that flow through just on Facebook.  I’ll go through events and see what my friends are responding to.  Facebook now shows you what’s happening in your area.  There’s also the new Dude 604.  Those guys are kind of cool.  They’re in several cities around North America too with dude and the area code so they have cool infant art events, music, concerts, those kinds of things too.

Adam:  Okay.

Rebecca:  No affiliations but yeah.

Matt:  Right so outside of the west end what neighbourhoods in terms of restaurants and bars are the current it neighbourhoods in the city?

Rebecca:  It neighbourhoods?  Yeah if you’re talking about what’s hot in Vancouver right now you have to talk about Yeast Van.  So East Van but with a y…so has all the breweries.   So I’m actually planning…my in-laws are coming to town in a few weeks so we’re going to have eight members of my husband’s family coming to town and I’m planning a whole day of walking in Mount Pleasant/Main Street area because there’s 8 different breweries we can go to and different restaurants and you just walk all between them.  That’s kind of what I think is kind of hot right now is the brewery crawl and if you were to go to any of the breweries, like Brassneck, 33 Acres, Red Truck, Steel Toad, Main Street Brewing Company…they’re all within a walkable area and they’re all completely packed every week-end with people doing beer tasters, doing bike tours and walking between them.  Mind you, that’s the really hot thing in Vancouver right now.

Adam:  How about up and coming neighbourhoods?  Do you have a neighbourhood that you think is going to be booming in coming months, coming years?

Rebecca:  I hope the west end again.  New Westminster is really big right now.

Matt:  Yeah.

Rebecca:  It’s not part of Vancouver but it’s really big out there right now, with all that they’re offering down at the waterfront, that new pier park and  I’d say New Westminster’s kind of the up and comer in the Greater Vancouver area.

Matt:  Yeah and you know it’s funny.  I was just talking to somebody.  We don’t work New Westminster very much, but we were talking to a realtor out there that I think an article came out that said New Westminster’s the next it place.  In the last couple of months the real estate has just exploded out there which is interesting how…

Adam:  They’re busy.

Matt:  Yeah.

Adam:  So maybe moving on Rebecca so how have you watched the city change kind of since the beginning of your blog?

Rebecca:  Oh, it’s changed so much.  I could go back to a post from 2007 and if I have a photo of any type of skyline image, it’s completely changed.

Matt:  Right.

Rebecca:  The city’s changed in terms of it’s gotten a bit more fun so there are more free events.  There are more even just with liquor licenses and beer gardens and things like that but bringing back New Year’s Eve, bringing back Canada Day Celebrations which we didn’t have for a while but yeah there’s a  lot of growth so Olympic Village, that’s a neighbourhood that didn’t exist when I started blogging.  There was no Olympic Village

Adam:  Right.

Rebecca:  so it was just warehouses before the Vancouver 2010 Games and then just an entire community popped up in that area so the city has yeah changed right before my eyes since I started writing.

Adam:  So two other questions kind of as a follow-up to that so right now we’ve got a big issue with affordability, has that come into play in your blog in terms of comments and sections, are you feeling any of the growing pains of a changing city?

Rebecca:  In terms of on my site I think it’s just reflective of how I mentioned that the most popular events on my site are the free ones.

Adam:  Right.

Rebecca:   People are spending so much on rent that they’re looking to get something for free and that’s how they’re trying to find their fun.  It hasn’t hurt me.  You know as the population has grown as my site’s gone along I’ve had a year of years that each year has been better and my biggest year to start has been such a good point has been 2010 for the Olympics when you are on the world stage but affordability I think it’s just reflective in what people are looking for in terms of entertainment that they can do that’s not going to cost one arm and a leg because they are already paying that much for rent.

Matt:  Right.

Adam:  Right.  Especially now that parking has gone up in the west end.

Rebecca:   Yeah.  I heard that so no more 2 hour free parking and also yeah the resident parking.

Adam:  So and the second question would be, Rebecca it seems like we’ve made some big strides to becoming more fun, the city becoming more fun, what else can the city do to kind of extend that?

Rebecca:  To extend more fun.  Party all the time.

Adam:  Yeah.

Rebecca:  We’ve done yeah, we’ve done quite a few things over the years in terms of allowing more events, bigger festivals, world pertaining outdoor events, outdoor drinking, outdoor music. I think a lot of communities have done a really good job you know…I have 300 events listed on my event list for June…we have car free day coming up and then a lot of the communities have taken it upon themselves to have their own festivals…like I just wrote about Lynn Valley Days, they have a community festival coming up, Austin Heights in Burnaby, they have a festival that was just last week-end, Burnaby Heights in Burnaby so these little community centres are taking it upon themselves to work with the merchants and work with  the residents to create their own little festivals.   I think that’s really encouraging.

Matt:  How does our city compare to other destination cities around the globe and I know you do quite a bit of travelling by the sounds of thing, Rebecca?

Rebecca:  I was just talking about this on the week-end.  We were sitting out at Burrard Landing at Mahony & Sons.  We were sitting near the water, watching float planes come in.  We can look at the ocean.  We can look at the mountains.  We were having a beer and I’m thinking you know what actually this what we’re enjoying and experiencing right now is not that expensive compared to other major cities in the world.  If I were in New York, or London or Paris right now I’d probably pay a lot more for this sandwich or for that drink and then also look at this view so in terms of things like that everyday meals and activities it’s pretty comparable to other places in the world if not cheaper it’s just the extra cost of living so it’s just those rents that are high.

Adam:  So Rebecca, so how can people learn more about you and your blog?

Rebecca: You can go to and I have a least 5 to 7 to 10 posts every week about things to do in the city and history and travel and I have a trip coming up this week-end to northern BC and you can follow that too.

Adam: Perfect.  Excellent. Well thank you so much for taking the time.

Rebecca: Yeah.  Thank you so much.


Matt:  So there you have it, folks, our discussion with Miss604, Rebecca Bollwitt.

Adam:  Yeah, Rebecca Bollwitt.  She’s a great guest to have on in the city because she knows everything about the city.  Well she’s pretty active.

Matt:  Well and we’re also getting into the summer season here where what Italian Day was last Sunday, Italian Days

Adam:  Yeah.

Adam:  Yeah this week-end coming up is car free day on Main.

Matt:  Which is fantastic.

Adam: I know that because I have a listing on Quebec and we are

Matt:  and you’re going to be biking over

Adam:   And I’m walking to it with my signs.  No, I’m not open on Sunday but we’re open on Saturday. Anyways there’s a lot of events coming up this summer so it’s really exciting.

Matt: Yeah and her site is the absolute # 1 resource to go to.

Adam: For sure.  Fore sure but speaking of absolute #1 resources for websites visit the

Matt:  That’s right.

Adam:  And also the best resource out there for finding listings and getting realtor level information go check out and sign up for the best listings management software available online

Matt:  Yeah.  We’ve said it before…

Adam:  For free.  No obligation.

Matt:  and we’ll say it again.  Yeah there’s tons of people that have taken us up on this.  The feed-back is awesome.

Adam:  Yeah.

Matt: The resource is awesome and it’s free, courtesy of the Vancouver Realestate Podcast so take us up on this offer.

Adam:  Absolutely.  I’ve had 4 or 5 e-mails just in the last couple of days saying oh man this is such a great service. Thank you so much for making this available so…

Matt:   You’re welcome is the answer.

Adam:  You’re welcome…exactly. Also oh hey one last thing review drive.  What did you think of the review drive?

Matt:  Oh yeah.  Yeah we’re at 113, is that right?

Adam:  Yeah. 113 and we still have 7 spots left for the opportunity to get an amazing gift

Matt:  Yeah.  It’s a pretty easy process to review.

Adam: to get into the raffle.

Matt:  and this gift is definitely worth it.

Adam:  Yeah so if you like the podcast please do rate us on I-tunes or google play or wherever you listen to your podcast.

Matt:  Or get in touch.  We’re working with a lot of people right now from the podcast and no, it’s an awesome experiences so get in touch if you’re interested in chatting about real estate.

Adam:  So Matt, how can people reach you?

Matt:  778-847-2854 or and Adam?

Adam:  Or you can try me at 778-866-4574 or

Matt:  Brady D.?


Adam:  Excellent so have a great week, guys.

Matt:  Okay yeah and Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers out there.

Adam:  Including Matt and soon to be Brayden.

Matt:  Stay tuned.

Adam:  Not yet Brayden.

Matt:  Enjoy.


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