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Policy decisions, interest rates slowed the real estate market, and they’re needed for a rebound

By Haider-Moranis Bulletin for Financial Post

Haider-Moranis Bulletin: A slowdown is the intended response to regulatory changes and must not be seen solely as a sign of market weakness

As real estate market stats pour in from across Canada, it is becoming abundantly clear that property markets in 2018 lost the momentum of recent years.

Households, governments and industry watchers alike are concerned about the direction real estate markets have taken. Even though sales and, in some places, prices, are lower than before, housing affordability has not necessarily improved.

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Many wonder if it is the right time to buy or sell. Others wonder whether real estate markets are going to decline even further, or if the markets will turn around in 2019.

The answer to these questions is: It depends. It depends upon interest rates, job growth, wage increases, demand for housing, government interventions and more. While one can speculate about the future, it is always beneficial to first understand what has transpired in the past.

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