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Vancouver Housing Market Predictions with Trevor Street

  • Trevor Street’s predictions for the 2018 market: Trevor believes affordability will continue to be degraded. As the American economy grows and our dollar weakens against theirs, our market will boom. Trevor concludes that we will not be able to police foreign capital and that trying to is not a practical measure. He believes we need to fix the supply side of the market first.

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About Trevor:

Trevor is the principal of The Partners Marketing Group, which specializes in 21st century marketing to get multi-family, new developments sold in suburban areas. They don’t service places like Vancouver, Burnaby or Richmond, but focus instead on more challenging markets such as Langley, Maple Ridge and Port Coquitlam. He’s seen competitors use social media and online marketing on the side, but it’s their bread and butter. Trevor was licensed in 2005 as a realtor before getting into project marketing.

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