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Vancouver Real Estate Forecast with Dustan Woodhouse

  • Dustan Woodhouse on 2018 in Vancouver: Dustan predicts that 2018 will be boring; he has nothing bold to predict. All of the major changes have been government policy and not natural economic fundamentals. For 20 years, Dustan was saying that there was room to run in Vancouver. There’s no longer room to run, but prices won’t be dropping either. Prices will stay put. Detached homes will be steady. Condos and townhouses are reaching their peak but we won’t see a valley. The market will stay tight and we’ll continue to see multiple and subject-free offers.
  • Dustan Woodhouse on 2018 rate increases: Dustan predicts that rates could go up another 0.5% this year but anything higher is unlikely. He believes there will be no significant change. “We’ll end the year no higher or lower than a quarter-point from where we are today.”

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About Dustan:

Dustan has been a mortgage broker in the Lower Mainland for 10 years. He is 46 years old and bought his first property 25 years ago. He has bought and sold many properties and learned never to sell anything ever again (real estate has been good to him)!

Full Episode: Will Vancouver Home Prices Fall in 2018 as Interest Rates Rise? with Dustan Woodhouse

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