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When it comes to Vancouver real estate, millennials don’t appreciate comparisons to the 90s

Empathy gap between homeowners and renters is growing and telling folks to consider the suburbs rarely helps

Do you ever see a comment online that you just have to respond to?

It happened to me this weekend. There was an online debate about — what else is new — Vancouver real estate, and young people feeling they have to leave the region because it’s too expensive.

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Laura Ballance, the owner of a PR company that represents some of the largest events and companies in Vancouver, tweeted: “For the record, it was the same in the early 90s. So I left, worked hard, bought where I could afford, sacrificed having nice cars & vacations & dinners out, fixed up & sold 13 houses & worked my way back.”

Now, I’m a reporter that loves statistics, historical comparisons and talking real estate.

But I’m also a renter in my early 30s who has lived in converted garages and basement suites in the suburbs to make ends meet. And in my personal time, I’m surrounded by friends who continually wonder if they will ever own property in Vancouver.

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