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RELEASE: The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast Launches the Vancouver Presale Condos Podcast!

We are proud to introduce a new podcast to our roster, the Vancouver Presale Condos Podcast.

We decided to launch this new series because we saw a glaring gap when it came to the presale condo market here in Metro Vancouver.

There is so much misinformation, limited information, and outright bad information when it comes to the hyper-competitive presale market here in Metro Vancouver. Potential buyers are often misled and ultimately disappointed.

We decided to change that.

Here is what we do for the Vancouver Presale Condos Podcast:

1) We go to the source, speaking directly to developers about their upcoming projects. We cut out the hearsay and conjecture and give you accurate and timely information – completion dates, amenities, strata fees, pricing, projected rental rates, and everything else you will want to know.

2) We bring developers on to ask why they think the project and neighborhood are so exciting. Hear about the future potential of the neighborhood and the unique features of the specific project from the most reliable source, those building it.

3) We do the work for you, seeking out the most exciting projects around Metro Vancouver, both for investors and end-users. You subscribe once on iTunes or on our Website and we keep you updated with the best information on new presale construction projects on a consistent and regular basis.

Subscribe today to keep your finger on the pulse of the everchanging Metro Vancouver real estate market!

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