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Vancouver Real Estate Predictions with Jason Turcotte

  • Jason Turcotte on the market for the rest of 2018: Jason predicts the next three months (March, April, May) will be similar to what we saw in February. The market will still be active but not as hot as we’ve seen. People will wait for a fall out. Jason believes listings will go down and prices will not. Eventually, Jason says we’ll see new projects being the same price as the last, rather than more expensive, which will slow the feeling of buying presales and instantly making money.

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About Jason:

Jason has three daughters (ages 4, 7 and a half, and 9) and two stepsons, almost 8 and 11. He was born and raised in Vancouver (Jason lived in Kitsilano and then North Vancouver). He got into real estate at a young age and is now Vice President of Development with Cressey.

Full Episode: Vice President of Development for Premier Developer Cressey Talks Vancouver Real Estate, with Jason Turcotte

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