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RT is Vancouver’s zoning for duplexes. Over time, various areas have been zoned to allow duplexes. Examples are Kits Point, much of Point Grey Road reaching up to Broadway, much of Granview-Woodlands, parts of Mount Pleasant and many other areas.

Recently I have had some interesting conversations on Twitter regarding RM-6 and over BBQ dinner about RT-7. Then the Granview-Woodland plan passed by council, and it contains a curious provision of reducing the outright FSR for the RT-zoned properties from 0.6 to 0.5.

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All of which got me thinking. What is RT supposed to accomplish, how does the diverse RT-zoning rules influence development and how is RT overall performing?

To make things complicated many RT zoning rules contain provisions to allow for higher FSR, and more than two units, under the “heritage preservation” program. Most people like the multi-plex developments that come out of this process, but the road there is quite adurous. Permitting takes a long time and is marred by uncertainty. Those projects are done by small developers, that are ill-equipped to deal with risky and drawn-out rezoning processes.

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