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Vancouver Real Estate Investment Advice with HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler

Bryan’s real estate investment advice:

Bryan invests in residential and commercial real estate in Canada. His strategy is to buy and hold real estate. He is concerned that going forward, as real estate becomes more expensive, less and less people will be able to afford it. His advice for young people is to get into the market and keep everything they buy. If you own a small condo and want to move to a house, keep the condo and rent it out instead of selling it. Bryan owned a condo in downtown Vancouver, which he sold just before the Olympics were announced. He regrets selling this condo as it is worth much more today than it was when he sold it.

Full Episode: Hey Bryan with HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler

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About Bryan:

Bryan is a celebrity contractor and the host of many successful renovation shows on Home & Garden Television. He owns a number of media companies and production companies that build custom spec homes and undertake renovations on the west-side of the Toronto area. He has done 7-8 television series (485 episodes) for HGTV.

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