Matt Scalena

Vancouver Realtor® & Podcast Host

Matt is real estate obsessed and considers himself a lifelong student of the Vancouver real estate market. His educational background in economic history contributes to his desire to understand the storied background of urban development in this city and how it impacts current and future projects. Every day he lives the belief that real estate has the power to change lives and family trajectories by building generational wealth.

It’s important to Matt that the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast gives you a seat at the table where timely, valuable discussions with builders, investors, politicians, urban planners, architects, economists, and other industry stakeholders are happening. He believes that you deserve to hear from the best so that you can learn about the motivations, successes, failures, and challenges facing key real estate industry players in Vancouver. With access to Matt’s knowledge and expertise, you’ll be more confident in every transaction you make and your money will be safer.

As a co-manager of the Scalena Real Estate team, Matt prides himself on expertly advising buyers and sellers on all aspects of the fast-paced, dynamic Vancouver real estate market. He is present at every stage of the process, from that first phone call or email right through to when keys are exchanged between sellers and buyers. The length of time Matt has been working in real estate means that he’s established a deep network of trusted professionals that he proudly recommends. If you need a home inspector, accountant, lawyer, plumber, electrician, property manager, handyperson, or anything else, Matt has the right person for the job!