Vicky Aulakh

Digital Marketing Specialist

Vicky Aulakh is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Vancouver Real Estate Podcast. She manages the process of getting all of our podcast episodes up on the website, implements our website content strategy, creates our weekly emails, and is in charge of all of our marketing materials. Vicky started working in real estate in marketing roles in 2019 and hasn’t looked back! The ability to use a variety of skill sets across various roles while building a dynamic career that is always evolving makes her excited about her work.

Driven by her positive energy, adaptability, and focus on continuous learning, Vicky puts her arts degree and digital marketing communication diploma from UBC to good use as she writes about our podcast episodes and helps our listeners engage with our podcast. When she’s not at work, she is likely spending quality time with friends, family, and her fur baby while exploring Vancouver’s food and drink scene or checking out a stunning new viewpoint, beach, or trail!