Beat the Land Rush - Sign Up Now! [BlueContactForm page="[wpv-post-title output="sanitize"] The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Northeast BC Real Estate Now! #1) The largest private investment in Canadian history - LNG CANADA – has just been approved. The economic impact of this $40 Billion investment on Northeast BC will be unprecedented. #2) The first phase of the project, demanding two billion feet per day, will create an estimated 20,000 jobs, $500 million additional government revenue, and 3.7 Billion in GDP growth. #3) The agreements with First Nations bands are already in place along the Trans Canada pipeline route; the valid permits are in place; the 4.7-Billion-dollar pipeline is a go! #4) The Site C Dam workforce is growing and just exceeded 3,500 employees – a new height. This clean energy project will produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 45,000 homes per year in British Columbia. #5) AltaGas just teamed up with Black Swan Energy in a Northeast BC deal worth $230 million. This time get in on the ground floor! The economic impact of these massive investments on Fort St. John/Dawson Creek area is just beginning and will only continue to build in the coming years. On offer are brand new Townhomes in Fort St. John’s Garrison Landing - with no GST payable and rental agreements in place - as well as another presale townhome development that will complete in time to take advantage of the long term growth of the region. Join Our Webinar Presentation on Tuesday,  November 6th 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST Please CLICK HERE to register for the upcoming webinar, if you can't attend we will be sending out the recording if you registered.