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Back in May of this year, CMHC surprised many by predicting home prices would fall 9-18% and warned that Canadians were teetering on a debt-deferral cliff. Since then, amidst uncertainty, we have seen quite the opposite: home prices are up and debt-deferral, for many analysts, appears to be less of a concern. But despite the surprising activity in the housing market, President and CEO of CMHC, Evan Siddall, continues to sound the alarm, doubling down, even as many other risk managers appear to disagree. Today’s guest, David Larock, joins Adam & Matt to discuss why Siddall and CMHC seem to be taking such a strong stance against the analysis of other mortgage insurers, many in the real estate industry, and the personal assessments of many home buyers since Covid-19. Is Siddall’s ‘father knows best’ stance justified? Are there other factors potentially at play for Siddall? And should the President & CEO of a Crown Corporation be engaging in late night Twitter wars and calling out an entire industry? We know Evan Siddall may be mad as hell, but it is David Larock who is not taking it anymore on today’s episode! Now off to delete our Twitter account!