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Guest Information

Dane Eitel

(604) 813-1418

Dane Eitel is a Realtor and Analyst who runs Eitel Insights offering high level real estate analysis for investment purposes. Eitel Insights is the first in Canada to be published employing Technical Analytics to produce forecasts and provide actionable intelligence. Connect with Dane on Twitter.

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Episode Hosts

Adam Scalena


Adam is a full-service realtor, specializing in Vancouver’s best areas. His systematic approach to real estate and dedication to his clients has consistently placed him within the top 10% of realtors operating within Greater Vancouver.

Matt Scalena


Matt is real estate obsessed and considers himself a lifelong student of the Vancouver real estate market. As a co-manager of the Scalena Real Estate team, Matt prides himself on expertly advising buyers and sellers on all aspects of the fast-paced, dynamic Vancouver real estate market. He is present at every stage of the process, from that first phone call or email right through to when keys are exchanged between sellers and buyers.

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