In this inaugural (our very first!) episode, we discuss the current state of Vancouver's real estate market and recap on the busiest year yet, 2015! We also explain the goal of the podcast: to be your premiere source for buying, selling and investing in Vancouver's Real Estate Market through compelling interviews with industry specialists and on-the-ground insight into what makes our market tick! Show notes:
  • How busy is the market?
  • Why is Matt's finger shaped like the letter Z?
  • What are the main factors shaping our market... and Matt's finger!?
  • Can I get a syllabus for the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast? Yes, you can.
We are incredibly excited to have you a long for the ride. Please see some exciting links about our market below: "Real Estate Goes Global" by James Surowiecki (The New Yorker, May 26, 2014): "The Yuan and the Markets" by David Parkins (The Economist, Jan. 16, 2016): REBGV December Stats Package: *IF YOU LIKE OUR PODCAST, PLEASE RATE US ON ITUNES! Please also follow us on iTunes or Google Play and sign up for our mailing list - we promise not to spam you but keep you updated with relevant, insider information! For more information or if you have a podcast idea, call 778-866-4574 or 778-847-2854 or email us at Don't take Matt's finger for how busy this market is! finger And we leave you with an incredible view from the perfect seat beside the fire... Hello Custom Dream Doors! 1537570_884269914916742_523594484331702969_o