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Sarah Penman bought her first condo when she was 21 years old. She is now the owner/operator of a leading property management company, located in Yaletown, and oversees approximately 150 rental units in Greater Vancouver. We discuss everything to do with revenue, including hot rental areas, characteristics of a good revenue property, furnished rentals vs. unfurnished rentals, screening tenants and a property manager's worst nightmare... Sarah Penman Find Sarah Penman at http://www.penmanproperties.com or call 604-230-6755. *IF YOU LIKE OUR PODCAST, PLEASE RATE US ON ITUNES! Please also follow us on iTunes or Google Play and sign up for our mailing list - we promise not to spam you but keep you updated with relevant, insider information! For more information or if you have a podcast idea, call 778-866-4574 or 778-847-2854 or email us at info@scalenarealestate.com