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Are you hearing conflicting reports? Perhaps you just heard the CMHC call for 9-18% price drops in the Vancouver market, but then your neighbour Todd's home sold in multiple offers. And Todd's place was a dump. And Todd's got bad taste. And, come to think of it, you don't actually even like Todd...no one does. And he got over asking during Covid?!? So, what is really happening in the Vancouver real estate market? On today's show, Adam & Matt offer an extended version of their recent talk at the Vancouver Real Estate Investment Summit. They break it down simply, discussing what we are hearing about the Vancouver real estate market, what we actually know about the Vancouver real estate market, and, knowing what we know, where the opportunities are currently. This is an info-packed episode that gives an up-to-the minute account of the market that goes way beyond the headlines. You may even better understand what happened with Todd’s place by the end but that doesn’t mean you have to feel good about it. Screw that guy!