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Peter Leung

The financial industry has lit Peter’s passion for investing and desire for financial abundance. At the age of 35, he achieved financial freedom via real estate development and investments. As a serial entrepreneur, his heart has taken him into various industries, including marketing, sales, branding, real estate and financing. These skillsets now allow him to operate a team globally seeking out real estate opportunities that would generate intergenerational wealth.

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Episode Host

Cory Wright

Cory is the founder and Managing Broker of William Wright Commercial. Since its inception in 2013, he has successfully closed over $500,000,000 in commercial investment properties ranging from large-scale open-air shopping centers to highly desirable Vancouver development sites and everything in between.

Matt Scalena


Matt is real estate obsessed and considers himself a lifelong student of the Vancouver real estate market. As a co-manager of the Scalena Real Estate team, Matt prides himself on expertly advising buyers and sellers on all aspects of the fast-paced, dynamic Vancouver real estate market. He is present at every stage of the process, from that first phone call or email right through to when keys are exchanged between sellers and buyers.