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City of Vancouver Unveils 10-year Housing Strategy

In Episode 97, we chatted with Nathan Lauster about the City of Vancouver’s 10-year Housing Strategy.  The report was drafted by a special committee that was tasked with exploring potential solutions to the housing affordability issues that are currently dominating the conversation surrounding Real Estate in Vancouver.

The report also contains a 3-year action plan that recommends immediate steps to be taken in the short-term, including:

• Tax and financial regulatory tools to limit speculation

• A Regional Partnership Table on social and rental housing delivery

• Action to strengthen the Residential Tenancy Act to improve renter protection, security of tenure, and affordability

• Amendment of the Vancouver Charter to allow Rental-Only Zones and /or to clarify the City’s authority to density-bonus for rental housing

• Action to prevent homelessness and create pathways to housing stability, including a Poverty Reduction Strategy and accelerated replacement of SROs with self-contained social housing

• Support for new and existing affordable housing through the new National Housing Strategy

• Opportunities to support reinvestment in private market rental and renewal in existing social and co-op housing

Have a look at the full report here:


Housing Vancouver Strategy 2018 – 2027 by Vancouver Real Estate Podcast on Scribd

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